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Reception Due to the limited play time and reduced graphics, Wings of Liberty was criticized by critics and reviewers for lacking the graphical fidelity of a launch title. Critics and reviewers noted that Blizzard made little effort to address these shortcomings. In October 2007, IGN's Craig Harris gave Wings of Liberty a score of 3.9/10. He called Wings of Liberty an "intermittent, if occasionally amusing, battle royale". He noted that the game had added a new set of mechanics into the already crowded genre, but were "blatantly unfinished". He also commented on the game's constant backtracking and hoarding of items. Harris also criticized the game's "bland graphics and lack of choice in customizing your mech" for the more limited play time. He also criticized the multiple difficulty settings. Although he noted that Wings of Liberty had a "well-designed battle mode", he criticized it for the need to use two keyboards, but giving no reasoning why. He also criticized the game for the lack of online multiplayer modes. In a later review of the game, IGN gave Wings of Liberty a score of 4.6/10. He noted that Wings of Liberty was not as large a departure from the series as fans might have hoped, and that it had "underwhelming" graphics. He also noted that although the game had a large variety of difficulties, the game mechanics were "not a step above those of a hardcore RTS" and that the game lacked "any real depth". Wings of Liberty received a score of 4.3/10 from GameSpy. While they generally praised the game for having a large amount of content, and while they noted the lack of graphics and user interface, they felt that the game still needed more time to be completed. GameSpot's Steve Butts called Wings of Liberty "unplayable", and gave the game a score of 2.5/10. He felt that the game was lacking in the form of user interface and game play. Butts also noted that the game felt rushed and criticized the fact that the game lacked sound effects. Butts did note that the game had a few "cheers and jeers" moments, and that these were few and far between. See also MechWarrior Online References External links Category:2007 video games Category:Dota 2 Category



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Starcraft 2 Wings Liberty Crack Single Player berrxil

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